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YouTube Is Trying To Make Their Own “Stories” Happen

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Uncategorized

In case you didn’t know, YouTube has a Community feature. I say this because I feel the feature hasn’t been properly highlighted. I’ve seen it in action with a few creators I follow on the platform, but nothing so engaged as to put it at the forefront of the site’s UI. It came, instead, as a new Tab in the creator’s channel, essentially a new page separate from the creator’s home. All things considered, the Community feature proved promising—but also a bit of a waste. As far as Community is concerned, the most effective place is in the comments section, however toxic that place might grow.

In a recent post on its Creators Blog, YouTube has announced that they’re doubling down on the Community feature, rolling it out to more creators, approximately 10,000 of them.

“All things considered, the Community feature proved promising—but also a bit of a waste.”

But what brings more intrigue are the adjustments YouTube has made, chief among them are discoverability improvements, which brings Community Updates to the YouTube homepage. This is great news for the YouTube creator—who has the feature available, remember: only 10,000 have them at this time—because it means more exposure for your videos to your captured audience.

Finally, there’s Reels. Similar to Snapchat and Instagram stories, Reels are pint-sized video clips creators can post to further engage their audience. However, instead of slabbing it at the top of their UI, YouTube decides to place it on a different page altogether. This move is pretty dubious. I’m at a loss figuring out where YouTube is headed: one day they want to be one of the big dogs in media, the next they want to become a social company. What is it, really?

Nonetheless, I’m wholly invested in charting where all this could lead. So stay put as we post real-time updates about your favorite social platforms.

Source: YouTube Creators Blog

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