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Vivo is Actually Going to Make the Apex Phone Happen

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Uncategorized

The Vivo Apex Phone, the company’s truly bezel-less phone, will actually hit the market soon. And Vivo wants to start production for the hi-concept phone later this year. The news report comes from I.T. Home.

I’ve already expressed how a bezel-less smartphone is always a welcome conceit, but that Vivo’s take on it might be a bit problematic. This roots from the ostensibly genius placement of the selfie camera, which slowly rolls out of the phone when toggled. This springs a number of problems, including a long time for the selfie camera to load. If Vivo is able to engineer a mechanism sturdy and speedy enough that users won’t care, then this is a sure success.

But until then, another major hurdle: Essential has apparently beat Vivo to it in terms of patenting the design. If Vivo is serious about getting this out to the market, they’ll need to settle with Android’s granddaddy and owner of the Essential brand, Andy Rubin.

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