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The Vivo Apex Concept Phone Has Almost No Bezels and a Hidden Camera

by | Feb 27, 2018 | Uncategorized

Vivo has dropped a legitimately impressive innovation with their concept phone, the Vivo Apex, the company’s take on the all-screen smartphone, realized in the flesh. This continues the streak Vivo has started with the Vivo X20 Plus UD, the world’s first smartphone to have embedded its fingerprint sensor inside the screen. That tech is also here—in fact, the fingerprint sensor on the concept phone takes half the screen real estate—but the cherry on top is the almost all-screen body that gives Apple and Samsung a run for their money.

The On-Screen Fingerprint Scanner: Vivo Just Beat Samsung To It

Vivo announced their new innovation at MWC 2018, where other mobile giants showed off their freshest releases. And there, they’ve demo-ed how they remedied two immediate issues for pushing for a truly bezel-less screen: the earpiece and the selfie camera.

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For these, Vivo offers respectively svelte solutions. Instead of getting a regular earpiece, Vivo opted for an innovation that vibrates the screen so as to emit audio when taking calls. Apparently, it works well, though not as reliably as an earpiece does. As for the self-cam, it is neatly hidden and only props when you choose to. It’s an okay solution for an otherwise pesky problem, but I reckon this isn’t exactly consumer-friendly as the mechanism takes some milliseconds to fully pull-out and only henceforth become usable.

And that’s the Vivo Apex. It’s an all-in-all impressive concept phone, and I’m certain some of the tech included in this phone will carry over to Vivo’s commercial lineup, which is really where all excitement root. Good job, Vivo!

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