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What are Twitter Threads?

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Uncategorized

Twitter has officially announced Threads, a new tool within the Twitter app and platform that allows users to make tweetstorms. Check it out in action here:

Tweetstorms, to the uninitiated, is a lengthy succession of tweets. It originally served the purpose of continuing a tweet that exceeded the 140-character limit, but with the introduction of 280-character tweets, that need has been obviated.

Love It Or Hate It, 280-Character Tweets Are Here To Stay

Tweetstorms, however, are not just a workaround for character count. Twitter has overtime adapted tweetstorms into different uses, from listing movie recommendations to telling longer stories in serialized tweets that are meant to read in succession.

With the release of Threads, which rolls out in a couple of weeks to iOS, Android, and Web, people will be able to easily send tweetstorms out in one go. There’s a conveniently placed ‘+’ button at bottom-right of the composer, which allows users to add sub-tweets to their main one. Conversely, it’s also easy to spot someone else’s Thread, what with the “Show this thread” label slapped on the tweets.

Source: Twitter Blog

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