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Twitch Prime Is Offering Monthly Free Games Users Can Keep

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Uncategorized

Amazon’s acquisition of Twitch has brought about a host of great things, but perhaps the most exciting yet is free monthly games for users to keep. The game-streaming giant’s premier membership, Twitch Prime, adds free titles to the perks of why users should whip out their credit cards and join in.

Taking to Twitter, Twitch Prime announced that starting Thursday, March 15th, Prime users will get access to paid titles such as “Superhot”, “Oxenfree”, and more to download, install, and keep. Come April 1st, the previous lineup will be replaced by “Tales from the Borderlands” and “SteamWorld Dig 2” among others. New games will be offered for free every month.

Check out their announcement:

Here’s a full list of the available games for free in both March and April, respectively:

Free Twitch Prime Games for March 2018:

  • “Superhot”
  • “Shadow Tactics”
  • “Tales from Candlekeep”
  • “Oxenfree”
  • “Mr. Shifty”

Free Twitch Prime Games for April 2018:

  • “Tales from the Borderlands”
  • “SteamWorld Dig 2”
  • “Kingsway”
  • “Tokyo 42”
  • “Dubwars”

New lineups will be announced every month. This is all well and good—five free games a month is no small value—but as some argue, it’s unlikely that users get new titles fresh from launch. To that I say as a value-add, both Amazon and Twitch are making a compelling case as to why you should sign up.

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