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The Best Free Ad Blockers for Google Chrome

by | Dec 18, 2017 | Uncategorized

Google is hard at work trying to develop its own ad blocker built-in to Chrome—which is a weird sentence to write, knowing that Google owns Adsense, a giant in the display advertising space—slated for a release next year. But until then, we’d have to make do with the following ad-blocking extensions.

They are, in their own right, great solutions, some of which I think I’d still be using should the official ad blocker flop.

Here is our list (updated for 2018) of the best ad blockers for Google Chrome.


Perhaps the most popular ad blocking solution in the Chrome extension repository, AdBlock, aptly unsubtly named, does what you’d expect it to do. It automatically blocks ads from static websites, videos, social networks, and more. It offers a generous host of controls for an experience that perfectly suits the user. One major setback is that the extension itself is resource-heavy, something that’s easily spotted when you have plenty of tabs open at the same time.


O.K., technically not an ad blocking-exclusive extension, but Ghostery’s airtight protection from crawlers and trackers is robust and carries over to its ad blocking functionality. The feature-set is extensive, which is also why plenty of users will look away from it; setting up Ghostery as an ad blocker takes a bit of time than the other options listed on this post, but when it’s set properly, it’s a pretty solid choice.


AdGuard’s pitch is safer, speedier browsing on Google Chrome. Not only does it promise to protect you from malware and block almost every advert you might want to not see, it all but guarantees that browsing with AdGuard on is faster than, say, the other options listed here. The claim stems from the fact that AdGuard is built to be lightweight, taking less power than, say, something like the other ad blockers we’ve mentioned.

uBlock Origin

A completely free and open-source ad blocking solution, uBlock Origin is a robust ad blocker that’s worth checking out. It has an impressive list of features, including a pop-under blocker, that had won the hearts of the 10 million users (at the time of this writing) enjoying the tool. Beyond this, there’s also plenty of key controls that allow users to whitelist specific sites and adverts they wish to allow.

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