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Watch This Impressive ‘Stranger Things’ Fan Short Film

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Uncategorized

At best, the second season of The Duffer Brothers’ sleeper hit, “Stranger Things”, is a decent, worthwhile follow-up to the original. You can spare this writer the arguments over which was the better season, because that’s beyond the point of this post—though, clearly, the first was the better season. *wink* Season Two took its time in expanding the mythos of the show, and maybe it’s this sensible shift to expand that filmmakers like Ryan J. Thompson are urged to make their own.

His short film, “The 12th Search”, is a brisk, impressive sci-fi/thriller drawn straight out of the universe of the hit Netflix show. The only difference is it’s set in Suffolk, UK, in a village called Rendlesham, which is a true-life cesspool of UFO sightings and extraterrestrial accounts.

The short is set amidst a search party for a kid called Michael, and of course, he’s stuck in the Upside Down. The terror in the short, however, comes from a scene involving two elderlies who find a piece of the other dimension and conclude that, very casually, “we need to keep moving”, without warning their fellow villagers.

You can watch the full short film below, produced by VFX Productions.

“Stranger Things” is expected to return for a third (and fourth) season. But until then, we can count on filmmakers like Thompson creating shorts like “The 12th Search” to satisfy our thirst.

Source: VFX Productions

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