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How to Take Selfies with Huji, and Other Huji Cam Updates

How to Take Selfies with Huji, and Other Huji Cam Updates

You can now take Huji Cam selfies! Though the update’s been here for quite some time now, a lot have still yet to discover the wonder that is taking selfies with one of 2017’s top-rated iOS apps, Huji Cam.

Taking selfies with Huji is easy. It takes literally three taps. Here’s a little guide to help you out:

1. Viewfinder Touch Mode

Before anything else, enable the Viewfinder Touch Mode option found in your Huji Cam settings.

Head over to Huji’s main camera area and tap on the small viewfinder to expand it.

The camera will show four icons. The leftmost one with the three dots toggles the quality of your photos, whether you want it low quality like photos from the early 2000’s or in your usual iPhone photo quality.

The second Huji cam icon from the left controls the timer. You can set it to 3 or 10 seconds.

Toggle the appearance of random light leaks in your photos with the third icon. It seems like some people aren’t fans of the random light leaks found in their photos when they check their Lab out, so Huji made it a point to include a control for that in their most recent update. Without the light leaks, you can still have that Huji feel with its high-contrast and high-saturation look similar to the photos back then. For us, we like to use the light leaks. It conveniently hides our imperfections just adds a little something extra to the photo.

And the last icon is, yep you guessed it, your selfie button.

2. Take selfies. Lots of selfies.

Tap on Huji Cam’s selfie icon to flip the camera!


3. Hit that shutter button!

Just below the flash is the shutter button! Take as many selfies as you possibly can since Huji doesn’t have a shot limit. There’s no preview so you have to view them in the Lab right after.

For this example, we disabled the random light leaks but you can see a sample of the light effect on the lower right photo below.

Your Huji Cam selfies are mirrored and are not automatically saved to your Camera Roll. And like the old versions, you have to save each individually. You have to pay $0.99 for Huji’s extra options which includes auto-saving to your Photos app, bulk saving, and preserving the original not-Huji-filtered photos you took with the app.

Huji Cam selfie sample photos:

Special thanks to the people whose faces are in this post! 

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