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Surface and Microsoft fans petition to save the Surface Phone

by | Jul 9, 2018 | Smartphones

A horde of Microsoft/Surface fans have assembled together to collect signatures for their petition to save the Surface Phone from its potential doom. The petition, titled “Show Microsoft the demand for the Surface Phone or Andromeda”, is a little bit of a stretch, but seeing the number of signatures already filed—as of this writing, there are now 9,000+ people who signed—it’s pretty impressive.

Of the petition, creator Zachary Hinski says:

All the fans of windows phone want Microsoft to release the Surface Phone aka Surface Andromeda Phone Project that has been leaking out lately with the phone screen that can turn into a tablet. I’m doing this petition to see how many people would buy this phone if Microsoft would release it. Money is power and if a lot of people want a Surface phone like the ones in the leaks then they will be forced into action as everyone knows Microsoft wouldn’t be able to give a reason on why not to do it to there investors, as its too much of a money opportunity to miss. I myself wouldn’t mind paying between $799-$999 for this phone if it happened and looked like the pictures that we have seen from those leaks.

The petition follows reports of Microsoft’s Project Andromeda—a foldable smartphone that turns into a tablet—has been shelved for now.

Surface Phone: Fans assemble to petition phone's release

The intent is there, but the sub-$1,000 price might be pushing it, considering Samsung’s Galaxy X is expected to list with approximately $2,000 SRP.

With that said, the concept phone’s fans—I’m imagining a potluck of Windows Phone enthusiasts and bona fide Surface adopters—seem insistent that the phone should become a reality. And hey, they’re making a good point when they say “money is power” and that “it’s too much of a money opportunity [for Microsoft] to miss”.

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