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These Sony Soundbars are an upgrade your Netflix nights are due

by | Jun 28, 2018 | Lifestyle, Tech

Sony has outed a couple of supreme-looking Soundbars that look like can massively transform your casual Netflix binge into a totally cinematic experience. The all-new Sony HT-Z9F and HT-X9000F promise richly cinematic sound bouncing off of the walls of your homes.

In case you didn’t know, Netflix currently supports Dolby Atmos in select titles. This means a selection of titles will have a substantially superior sound which you can only enjoy if your audio output supports it—which, of course, the new Sony Soundbars do.

Sony HT-Z9F, HT-X9000F announced: Pricing and Availability

Soundbars by design are better audio solutions than, say, tower speakers, because they can usually deliver the same if not better sound quality in a much smaller and more compact form factor. Specifically, the HT-Z9F and HT-X9000F support Dolby Atmos/DTS:X, with the former edging out the latter’s size at 3.1-inch.

As is right for premium audio peripherals, both Soundbars offer a host of connectivity features, all designed to deter you from succumbing to a situation with the clunk and mess of tangled cables and wires. Both also support five different sound modes: cinematic, music, game, news, and sports.

The Sony HT-Z9F—priced at PHP 42,299—and the Sony HT-X9000F—priced at PHP 31,199—are both available in Sony official stores and authorized resellers nationwide.

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