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Here’s How You Can Track Profile Visits On Your Instagram

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Uncategorized

If you’re obsessed with numbers, you’d be happy to know that Instagram offers a host of analytic features that can help you track different metrics for your profile. For example, there’s this metric called profile visits, which is the number of people who have viewed your profile within a seven-day period.

Marc De Mesa pointed this out on Twitter. This metric is usually accessed through your Insights, which is only available if your Instagram is a Business account, which just means is that it’s connected to a Facebook Page.

Instagram might be testing out U.I. tweaks, but for now, to access your “profile visits” you need to check your Insights, which is the small icon sitting at the top-right of your profile. It’s right next to your archived posts and people discovery.

Once you’re in, you’ll be treated to a number of key metrics, including weekly impressions (the number of views your posts get), reach (the number of people your posts have reached), and profile visits (the number of people who viewed your profile). There are also analytics on followers, posts, stories, and promotions (if you decide to run any).

Few know of these features that can only be unlocked if you have the Business account. So, if you have a Facebook Page anyway, you owe it to your ‘gram to unlock these features.

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