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Meet Google’s New Photogtaphy Apps: Storyboard, Scrubbies, and Selfiessimo!

by | Dec 12, 2017 | Uncategorized

If you’re a fan of Snapseed (and you should), you’d be happy to know that Google has released three more photography apps to supplement your content creation needs. The apps are built as part of the company’s “appsperimentation” program, which stemmed from the success of the Motion Stills app, and are poised to further what was otherwise small and experimental tech over at Google. What’s more, they are pretty intuitive and useful apps, especially for content creators.

Here are the three new Google photography apps.

Storyboard: Turn videos into sketch-art storyboards

The first app in the list is called Storyboard, which takes video files, picks a number of stills from the video, and turns them into sketch panels, ultimately making a storyboard-like photo. The whole process is automatic and Google says there are trillions of possible combinations. Here’s Storyboard in action:

Selfiesssimo! Elegant monochrome photo booth in your phone

If by chance you’ve been waiting for a great “photo booth” app, then Selfiessimo! is definitely a contender. Don’t let the silly name fool you. The app is incredibly intuitive. It takes a number photos in black-and-white, compiles them together, and showcases them in a beautiful grid of photos, like the ones you take home from a kissing booth.

Scrubbies: Make funky video loop effects very easily

Lastly, we have Scrubbies. It’s an app that allows you to make video loop effects a la Boomerang. The name roots from the gesture required to make these loops, which is to scrub through your screen left and right.

All apps are available now for download. Storyboard, at the time of this writing, is Android-only, while Scrubbies is an iOS-exclusive app. Selfiessimo!, meanwhile, is available on both platforms.

Source: Google Research Blog // Featured Image: Droid Life

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