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LISTED: 10 Best Analog Film Camera Apps for the Perfect Retro Look

LISTED: 10 Best Analog Film Camera Apps for the Perfect Retro Look

Years of making cameras clearer than ever before led us to this – a strange affinity towards lens flares, grain, and dust-speckled photos. After the rise of Gudak patterned over an early 2000’s disposable camera, many app developers have released their own version of retro camera simulators.

Many apps simply apply filters to the photos you already have, while some really take on the retro cam feel and only let you work with the  app’s preset filters and randomly generated light leaks. Some apps have also been in the App Store and Google Play Store for a while now and are only resurfacing because of this steadily rising retro cam app trend.

We’ve rounded up 10 ones we loved in this list of the best analog film camera apps for that perfect retro photo look:

1. Huji Cam

Right after Gudak Cam surfaced as one of the top retro camera apps on the App Store, Huji Cam came second best as it had the one advantage Gudak still doesn’t have: Huji Cam is completely free. Patterned over the iconic green Fujifilm disposable camera, Huji Cam produces high-contrast and crisp photos with those random light leaks you’re after. We’ve reviewed this and we were pleasantly surprised!

Price: Free

Available on: App Store

Kuji Cam: The Free Huji Cam Alternative for Android

2. Gudak Cam

I have to give it to Gudak Cam for being the original disposable film camera simulator in the App Store. We love how Gudak stays true to the disposable camera experience. It doesn’t settle for just the aesthetic of light leaks and semi-blurry photos. The ‘Gudak moment’ is loving the present and valuing every shot and every roll of film, and it is patiently waiting to see your photos and cherishing them no matter how imperfect they may have turned out.

Price: $0.99

Available on: App Store

Gudak Pro Is Finally On Android

3. Kamon – Classic Film Camera

Kamon is relatively new but it works almost the same way as the Huji retro cam app. The app’s pretty straightforward – just press the shutter button and let Kamon randomly generate light leaks and apply its preset filters on the photos you took!

Kamon App / App Store

Price: Free

Available on: App Store

4. Calla – Film Camera

Like any “filter app”, Calla comes with its own set of filters you can apply to your photos. They also have premium ones you can purchase or view ads to unlock. Calla’s filters are subtle and simple, and will surely have one perfect for your taste.

Calla Film Camera App / App Store

Price: Free + in app purchases

Available on: App Store

5. 1967 – Vintage Filters

1967’s UI is simple and minimalist. Just swipe right or left to choose between a wide array of filters, and that description made it sound like it was Tinder’s photo-editing cousin.

1967 App / App Store

Price: Free

Available on: App Store

6. Afterlight

Afterlight was one of the first photo-editing tools that became popular. Its easy editing controls and options to include light leaks and dust speckles instantly made it a hit as both a simple photo editor and an analog film cam app.

Afterlight App / App Store

Price: $0.99

Available on: App Store, Google Play Store

7. Filmborn

At first glance, Filmborn looks a lot like VSCO because of its gold accent on white or black background layout. This analog cam app initially works like a manual film camera, giving its users exposure and filter controls while shooting their subject. Many users also like how you can tweak those photos on Filmborn’s editing pane because their filters are inspired by Fujifilm, Ilford, and Kodak films and cameras.

Filmborn App / App Store

Price: $2.99

Available on: App Store

8. RNI Films

If you’ve always wanted to imitate a certain film brand’s look on your photos, RNI Films do just that for you. If those 35mm film stock looks don’t quite suit your taste, you can adjust accordingly using the app’s built-in editor.

RNI Films App / App Store

Price: Free

Available on: App Store

9. Glitch Photo – Analog Film FX

If you’re tired of the classic analog film camera looks, try Glitch Photo. This app distorts your photos like those film video cameras but with a creative and colorful twist.

Glitch Photo App / App Store

Price: Free + in-app purchases

Available on: App Store

10. Feelm

Huji, Gudak, and Kamon all are iPhone-only apps. But don’t worry, Android users can still get that film look using Feelm classic. This filter app comes with 12 analog film camera inspired filters that you can also adjust and edit according to your liking.

Tired of the vintage look? Feelm also offers apps with a certain color look – Feelm Soda for mainly blue and fresh looking photos, Feelm Rosy for the pink Instagram theme with a hint of that analog film look, and Feelm Polar for pretending your photos came from a polaroid. There are many other Feelm apps available for download on the Google Play Store so you can choose the one that’s perfect for you.

Price: P68.00

Available on: Google Play Store

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