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Lalamove, Reviewed: A Reliable, Fast, and Convenient Delivery Solution

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Delivering items—among the many boons of man’s existence. If we’re already irksome about the stresses of delivering items today, it must have really blown for the people in the past, right? Imagine: in order to deliver a package, they had had to use a mode of transport—for the sake of example, let’s use a donkey—and commissioned a trustworthy courier. Fast-forward to today, and that trustworthy courier now lives in our phones and can be summoned in just a few taps away.

In fact, there are a lot of couriers online worthy of our trust. But none, in our experience, is as extensive, as quick, and as reliable as Lalamove is. On this post, we give you a quick watercooler of why we think that is. This is our app review of Lalamove, a new delivery service that’s reliable, fast, and convenient.

But before we move forward, let’s do some groundwork first. It’s important for you to know how we’re reviewing this app. We’ve collated all our thoughts and segregated them into three bins, including:

  • The App: How users interact with the app itself; the UI design; and its ease-of-use
  • The Service: The actual service Lalamove provides; what experience it provides; and how it stacks up with other delivery services
  • The Rider: This is an area that we think should have its own category because something that’s as uncontrollable as this is a testament as to how Lalamove operates as a company. Their values seep through their riders, the faces of their business, and how these riders interact with Lalamove’s customers will say a lot.

These three categories help us come up with an accurate appraisal of Lalamove as an app and as an all-around delivery service. Lalamove is available on both the Play Store and the App Store. Take it for a spin and let us know what you think.

With all that out of the way, let’s begin our review.

The App:

Lalamove App, Reviewed: A Reliable, Fast, and Convenient Delivery Solution Lalamove uses a decidedly familiar interface, which makes it easy to use for people who have used other delivery apps before. The homepage opens to an order form, so users are able to deliver as quickly as possible, right from the moment they open the app. In terms of design, the app is clean, well-spaced, and unobtrusive.

We’ve used both apps on Android and iOS and found that each version carries over well in terms of design. For example, the Android app takes advantage of Google’s Material Design language really well, by adding a nicely mounted hamburger menu to the top-left corner of the app.

However, the app doesn’t come without faults. Lalamove, as do other delivery apps, shows the ETA and live-location of the rider, but at least in one instance when we used it to deliver, the time location of the driver wasn’t accurate at all. The location said that the rider was blocks away but we have received a call from the driver informing us that he had arrived at my location. This is a minor quibble, and for sure also an issue with other GPS-dependent apps, but it’s something that Lalamove can improve upon in terms of the app itself.

The Service:

Service is where Lalamove thrives. They offer a variety of services on top of the base one, which is similar to that of its competitors. This is something that, to my knowledge, only Lalamove has. Regardless if you want to deliver food, small-sized items, or furniture, Lalamove has different solutions that will likely suit your needs.

Here are some details for their Motorcycle, Van, and 5.5 Ton Truck service packages. Note that the prices indicated here are captured on the date of this writing and are subject to change over time. Lalamove App, Reviewed: A Reliable, Fast, and Convenient Delivery Solution Lalamove also offers additional services, including a specified assistant, bulk deliveries, and more. Orders are also insured. Click here to learn more.

Overall, the service is reliable. Pricing is okay. It’s also impressively quick. True to its promise—”delivery in an hour”—Lalamove was able to drop off the parcel to our recipient’s place in about an hour. We’re definitely pleased by this, as there are other companies that make such promises but fail in following through. And finally, the convenience of booking a rider is something we have really appreciated in this experience. Granted, it’s nothing new as it’s a feature that others are also offering, but Lalamove’s is particularly quick and reliable.

The Rider:

At least from our (outsider’s) perspective, riders are the lifeblood of the way Lalamove operates. And the way that their drivers interact with customers gives us a good sense of how Lalamove works as a business. Luckily, our rider is smiley, friendly, and very accommodating, when they took the parcel from us.

A few things we noticed, too: Lalamove doesn’t have its branded bags, unlike its competitors. They also require users to bubble wrap items that are considered fragile. We had to do so in our case, as we had Lalamove deliver an external hard drive.


Overall, we recommend Lalamove to anyone who needs a reliable delivery service. If you’re someone who needs to deliver something for work or for business, you owe it to yourself to consider taking Lalamove for a spin.

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Summary Service is where Lalamove thrives. Regardless if you want to deliver food, small-sized items, or furniture, Lalamove has different solutions that will likely suit your needs.

The App
The Service
The Rider

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