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How To Post and Watch Instagram Stories From Your Desktop

by | Nov 17, 2017 | Uncategorized

Beyond being a mere clone of the notoriously popular app, Snapchat, Instagram Stories has grown extensively as a platform. At this stage, they’re now trying to reach as many people as they can. Just recently, Instagram has enabled viewing of Stories directly from their website. This makes sense, of course. Stories as a standalone Instagram product has been doing so well that sponsorships and linking have been enabled too.

This update is important, too, because this means that anyone who has an Instagram account doesn’t need the app to post stories—a feature that I think is relevant to social managers like this writer. Gone are the days of transferring your freshly crafted graphic to your phone; you can post it directly using your desktop.

Here’s how.

How to Watch Instagram Stories From Desktop

Instagram is making it easy for everyone to access the Stories of people you follow. To watch these stories, find the right-hand sidebar and click on the icon of the person whose Stories you want to watch. Clicking “watch all” will automatically play the newest Stories from people you follow.

How to Post Instagram Stories From Desktop

Posting Stories from your desktop is a little bit more complicated, but nothing too difficult. This is easier done when you’re in mobile, but that defeats the purpose of this tutorial. So let’s assume that you’re on your trusty laptop and your boss wants to push an announcement for a giveaway via Instagram Stories.

What you need to do, in steps, is this:

  1. Go to
  2. Right-click on any blank space on the screen and hit “Inspect”
  3. A panel should pop up. Find the device toolbar on that panel. To make things easier for you, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + M (if you’re on Windows) or Cmd + Optn + M (if you’re on Mac)
  4. The site preview should change into that of a mobile site, which mirrors the core functionalities of the Instagram app. On the top-left corner, click the camera icon. This will open your file explorer.
  5. Choose the picture you wish to post. Make sure it’s a vertical photo so it looks good on Stories.
  6. Hit Send.

That’s it! You’ve posted an Instagram Story using your laptop. I know this doesn’t sound exciting—not by a whole lot—but say you really needed to post a Story but for some reason isn’t able to get to your phone, you have a nifty alternative.

One thing about the new update, though, is that the mobile site still lacks the ability to access your Direct Messages (DMs) and the ability to post Instagram photos to your feed. But hey, if they made this happen now, what’s to deter them from doing those I’ve mentioned in the future?

In the words of an incredible woman:

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Source: Instagram Blog // Featured Image: Armando Dela Cruz

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