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Kuji Cam: The Free Huji Cam Alternative for Android

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Apps

Huji Cam is a popular analog film photography app. Its popularity rose following that of Gudak Pro, an innovative concept in that it banks on the idea of “developing” pictures from within your phone. Huji springboards from a similar approach, except that it doesn’t make you wait for your photos to develop and it doesn’t ask for money, at least not upfront being that it’s free to install (Gudak Pro, conversely, is a paid app).

Huji Cam stepped in at just the right moment, bearing a host more filters and effects than Gudak Pro. Users are quick to jump on the Huji wave, basking in the faux-film glory the app provides, complete with authentic-looking timestamps. Users are hooked, for Huji is, in essence, a film camera you can use for free.

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The Best Huji Cam Android Alternative: Kuji Cam

But here’s one hiccup. The app is only available for iPhones. For a good while, there had been no Huji alternatives for Android. Enter Kuji Cam, an analog film photography app that emulates the exact same effects Huji does—and then some more. It happens to be available on Android, too, making it the perfect Android alternative you can install.

Here’s a quick spotlight on what it can do.

Kuji Cam UI & Controls

The UI for Kuji Cam is very similar to that of Huji Cam. The camera interface is straightforward, with a substantial button for its shutter and above it is a tray of icons for intuitive settings users can tinker with. You can customize the look of your photos by pre-setting whether you wish to add or remove timestamps, as well as dictating which filter you want to use.

Here’s a screenshot of what the interface looks like.


Kuji Cam Filters

Kuji Cam has a wide selection of filters, which extend far beyond the original Fujifilm-like filters. Under its Effects tab, there are different sorts of effects, including Gudak, Black and White and others. What’s more, there are also options for basic to advanced editing using the re-develop tool. Note that re-developing with Kuji requires that you get the PRO version.

Kuji Cam Pricing Details

Kuji Cam is a free app with limited features. While that may be enough for most users, those who are looking to activate all its features might want to buy the PRO version of the app, which sells at around 99 Php a pop.

Click here to install Kuji Cam on your Android phone.

Kuji Cam, The Huji Cam Android Alternative You Can Install for Free

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