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How to change your PLDT Fibr Wifi password and username

by | Jun 26, 2018 | Laptops, Tech

Let’s start with this: “How to change my PLDT Fibr wifi password and username,” should not be the question you’re asking. It’s why you should change it right now.

So let’s do that. Why should you change your wifi password and username?

The short answer is to build a second layer of security. Default passwords for PLDT Fibr connections are usually pretty easy to crack; by indicating a unique wifi password and username (SSID), you’d be able to make sure your wifi at least more secure. Second, and more cynically, the default password and username are on PLDT’s records. It will literally take them a second to access your wifi/router settings if they wanted to. To make sure PLDT is not throttling your connection, we urge you to change it. Of course, this doesn’t make your wifi impervious to hackers. But at least you’re putting up more walls of protection.

On this post, we’ll teach you how to change your PLDT Fibr Wifi password and username. This guide/tutorial assumes you have PLDT’s Fiber Internet Plan, but if you have the DSL or Broadband plan, the process should be somewhat similar.

How to Change PLDT Fibr Wifi Password and Username

1. Reset your modem to default settings.

First, locate the “reset” button. You will need a sim ejector, a toothpick, or something that will be able to reach the actual button. Press it down for at least five (5) seconds.

How to change your PLDT Fibr Wifi password and username

You should see the modem’s light blink and then fade out. This means you’ve successfully reset your router back to its default settings.

2. Connect your laptop to your Wifi.

Your device should automatically connect to the freshly reset connection, but if it doesn’t, simply use the password indicated at the back of the modem.

3. Log in to your modem’s GUI.

To change your PLDT Fibr wifi password and username, you will need to access PLDT’s GUI (graphical user interface). To do that, fire up your browser and go to this web address.

How to change your PLDT Fibr Wifi password and username

That should bring you to the GUI home, which will prompt you to log in. The default login username is “admin” and the password is “1234”.

4. Change your password/username.

Once you’re in, PLDT will automatically send you to a new page prompting you to indicate a new password for your modem account (the login info you use at the GUI), the Wifi username (SSID Name), and the password. Provide these details, hit Apply, and you’re done!

In a few seconds, you will automatically be disconnected from your Wifi. Reconnect using your new Wifi password and username.

How to change your PLDT Fibr Wifi password and username

If you didn’t encounter the prompt, simply go to Account Management. You may also change the Wifi username and password under Network > Wlan Settings > Advanced.

In closing…

It’s highly important you change your Wifi username and password because PLDT modems aren’t known for performance and security. If you have the budget, we urge you to invest in high-security wireless routers that optimize internet speeds as well as provide robust security features.

If you just got your PLDT Home Fibr (which I have, at the time of this writing), it’s always a good idea to change your wifi password and username.

Let me know how it goes, and if this article is helpful to you, at all, we’d appreciate it if you commented below or shared it with your friends. Good luck!

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