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Horror TV Shows to Binge-Watch This Halloween Season

by | Oct 19, 2017 | Uncategorized

Halloween is upon us. And if you haven’t started binge-watching horror shows, now would be an ideal time. There’s a lot of interesting stuff on T.V.—from the unabashedly political, the campy, glitzy whoddunits, to the downright demonic.

We list down on this post 10+ horror shows you and your friends should binge right now.


This is pretty special. Adapted from the acclaimed podcast of the same name, Lore, ahem, explores the real-life stories that keep us awake at night and uncovers the roots of our very primal fears. Each episode is a docudrama that talks about a specific monster and our fear of it.

You can catch Lore on Amazon Prime Video.

American Horror Story: Cult

The punchline in Ryan Murphy’s red-eyed-while-grinning political satire is that what’s happening in the world is so disgustingly awful that a cult must be behind it. There’s a lot to dislike about this season, but it features Evan Peters playing different cult leaders. That in itself should be worth the time investment.

American Horror Story: Cult airs on FX.


Archie encounters a serial killer from last season’s finale. This effectively turns the glitzy, campy mystery into a glitzy, campy slasher with CW-beautiful teenagers. And we’re all for it. We’re sure of one thing, too: Veronica’s eyebrows will not be vanquished by no serial killer.

Riverdale airs on The CW and is available for streaming on Netflix.

Stranger Things

In the second season of Stranger Things, a new evil from the Upside Down torments the people of Hawkins. Will is still afflicted, spitting out portents from the terrors beyond our own dimension. Netflix has been teasing us with countless posters, teasers, and other promotional material for the show; you can’t not miss its premiere later this month.

The second season of Stranger Things premieres on Netflix come October 27th.

Mr. Mercedes

This Stephen King-adapted series falls better under the umbrella of a cat-and-mouse mystery thriller than a straight-up horror story. While that’s true, one can’t help but feel simultaneously disgusted and empathetic toward the film’s homicidal hacker, Brady Hartsfield (played by Harry Treadaway). The first season just wrapped, so it’s the perfect time to watch it. It’s also been renewed for a second season.

Catch Mr. Mercedes on the Audience Network.

Castle Rock

If you’re a fan of Stephen King (like this writer), you owe it to yourself to watch Castle Rock. It’s set in the fictional town of Castle Rock, a rendezvous of sorts for many of the characters in S.K.’s stories and novels. It’s produced by J.J. Abrams, who did good by 11.26.63, indeed one of King’s finest works to date.

Castle Rock is available on Hulu.

Black Mirror

In this collection of accurate (maybe even prophetic) premonitions of what our future has in store for us, the audience is put in a cathartic position of watching lives crumble at the hands of a slowly corroding, technologically overridden society. Episodes range from insufferably unnerving to downright bizarre, all leading to tragedies that mirror fears we’ve yet to recognize.

Black Mirror returns for its fourth season sometime this year, and we’re hoping it’s going to be dropped very soon. It will be available for streaming on Netflix.

The Walking Dead

Listen. If at this point you feel tired following where Rick & Co.’s journey’s at, you’re not alone. However, with an uprising posed at the very end of last season’s finale, it’s hard not to pass up on seeing how the creators will resolve Negan’s arc, especially after starting with such bravura in last season’s premiere. It’s also worth noting that Fear The Walking Dead, the series’ L.A.-set spinoff now on its third season, is getting better little-by-little. I wouldn’t mind seeing a multiverse so long as the creators put fresher ideas to the table.

Watch The Walking Dead as it airs on FOX (in the Philippines). To our western friends, it airs on AMC.

Channel Zero: The No-End House

Few know of this deft anthology horror series. It’s based on creepypastas—before you scroll past this, think again, these ‘pastas are good—with each season sprawling into an unflinching horror story. The first season wrapped last year, and its story harkens back to my favorite Halloween film next to Carpenter’s original, Season Of The Witch. The second season is doing a terrific run right now, and it’s about a strange house that devises unimaginable terrors for anyone who dares enter it.

Check out Channel Zero on iflix.

The Exorcist

I’m surprised this returned for a second season, but I can’t say that I’m not glad. The premise is just as interesting as the first season. A rebellious, gay rockstar exorcist takes a young priest under his wing as an apprentice. They hop town-to-town to help the afflicted by the devil and soon end up to an orphanage where a boy is possessed.

The Exorcist airs on FOX.

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