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Gudak Pro Is Finally On Android

by | Nov 24, 2017 | Uncategorized

We’ve pointed you to Feelm—a suite of analog photography Android apps that can make for great photos that replicate the look of analog film—and told you that it was a great alternative to Gudak Pro.

Gudak was originally only available on iOS, but the app Gods, for some reason, have tended to your prayers and made it available on Android too. What’s more, the Android app is available for download for zero dollars. Nada. Free. Libre.

The Best Analog Photography Apps For Android

The core features remain available, with the option to upgrade to a tier called “Express”, which allows you to develop your 24 frames immediately instead of 24 hours. This is already a feature available for free on Huji, another app which has yet to find its way into the Android ecosystem. But hey, if Gudak made the jump, it wouldn’t be too presumptuous to think that Huji would the same. Right?

Download the app here:

This is not a test. I’ve been using the app for days now. Here are some photos from my first roll of film.

Source: Gudak Pro

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