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Grab Drivers May Start Asking For Your IDs Before You Ride

by | Oct 30, 2017 | Uncategorized

Grab Philippines is taking the recent shooting of their driver, Gerardo Maquidato, Jr., seriously. In a Facebook post, the TNVS (Transport Network Vehicle Service) company said: “We prioritize the safety of our driver-partners…in critical times like this, we ask for your support as we take additional measures to prevent [a driver-partner’s death] from happening again.”

In line with, the company is asking its riders’ consideration as they implement the policy that allows drivers to ask the rider(s) for their identification card before starting the trip.

It sounds like a temporary measure, but it’s a welcome one all the same. Grab is in the meantime trying to make technological efforts to hamper such criminalities and make the platform safe for both drivers and riders.

Source: Grab

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