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Google is adding a Dark Theme to the Pixel phones, and possibly Android

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Smartphones

If you’ve been wanting a dark theme for your Pixel phone, today’s a very good day for you. According to Android Police, Google is adding a toggle that allows users to enable a dark theme mode that will change the UI with dark elements. This feature has been wanted since smartphones turned to AMOLED panels, with which deep black pixels are turned off, thereby saving precious battery life.

Via Droid-Life, who have cast their eyes on Issue Tracker, Google plans on baking the feature into Settings > Display > Device Theme. There, the toggle for a dark mode will sit. The feature, for now, will be exclusive to Pixel phones running the Pixel Launcher. If you’ll recall, that launcher has this other nifty feature that changes your UI according to the colors of your wallpaper. Mean, if you have a dark wallpaper, you’ll have, effectively, a dark UI.

As of press time, the issue/request to bake in a toggle for a dark mode theme has been marked “fixed” by Google. Someone from Google also claims that the feature will potentially roll out to other Android devices, despite the company’s insistence that it won’t happen soon earlier this year.

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