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Facebook Debuts Snooze, To Mute Annoying Friends, Pages, and Groups

by | Dec 18, 2017 | Uncategorized

Facebook has just rolled out a new feature called “Snooze”, which is a broader, kinder way of putting your friends on “mute”—or worse, unfollowing them. If you want a Newsfeed that’s free of clutter, which is to say free of Duterte propaganda and contrarian posts of fake-wokes, the Snooze feature comes pretty handy.

The feature essentially hides posts and updates from friends, pages, and groups you specify. Mean, their posts won’t appear in your Newsfeed. However, instead of making it a flip-the-switch feature, Facebook decides you only want a 30-day break from these friends and pages. If you want a more permanent but revertible fix, you’re stuck with unfollowing.

This is particularly helpful for students who can snooze particularly distracting pages during hell week. Also, “Game of Thrones” purists for when G.o.T. trolls decide to let spoilers loose. And finally, everyone who wants a break from the sad, stupid climate we’re in.

To access the feature, you need to go to a post of the friend/page you wish to snooze, hit the ellipsis icon on the top-right corner, and hit Snooze.

Source: Facebook

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