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Essential Is Fixing the Screen Notch Problem by Killing it Off

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Uncategorized

The screen notch is the family black sheep the smartphone industry has reluctantly embraced. And when the iPhone X unveiled it with no short of pizzazz, almost every other OEM followed suit. In a bold and exciting move, however, Essential—the first company to successfully add a screen notch to a device—wants to kill off the notch. And the way they want to do this is by embedding the self-camera under the screen.

This is consistent with their plans of making a truly bezel-less phone. In fact, they’ve already filed a series of patents and are presumably already working to make something that is stable enough for general consumers. If you can recall, Essential also beat Vivo to the retracting self-camera design.

As for the new design, the screen will apparently coat the underneath camera just enough so the camera receives ample light to take pictures as decent as other self-cams. According to TechCrunch, “the patent describes a multi-layered display with camera in which a substantially transparent region allows light from outside to reach the camera to record an image. The patent points to a potential application in which the camera is mounted behind the LCD.”

Obviously, there are no words as to when this tech will actually come to a prototype let alone the market itself. For that we’ll have to keep you looped in and advise when news get dropped.

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