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Best Online Shopping Sites in the Philippines with Cash-On-Delivery (Updated 2018)

by | May 28, 2017 | Lifestyle, Tech

If you don’t own a credit card, don’t fret. You can still shop online. Here are the best online shopping sites in the Philippines with cash-on-delivery (COD).

Cash-on-delivery is a convenient payment method to a lot of Filipinos, seeing that many in the Philippines still don’t use credit cards/debit cards. By choosing the COD payment option, the transaction becomes very convenient in that you pay for your item literally at your doorstep.

Here’s our list of the best Philippine online shopping sites with COD.


Lazada is the granddaddy of Philippine e-commerce. I wouldn’t be in much trouble for saying that. The Philippines’ doesn’t have our own Amazon, but Lazada happily fills that void, working with a great number of merchants that sell everything from tech gadgets to absurd kitchenware.


Zalora is a popular online fashion store. Your favorite bloggers use it, due in large part to the store’s vast selection of fashion finds and reputable brands. What’s more, Zalora has its own line that retails items at very affordable items.


Shopee is packaged as an online store, but it is, in essence, a buy-and-sell platform. Users are allowed to make product listings that undergo a pretty airtight but seamless process. This makes for a marketplace filled with legitimate offers and products for sale that go out at very affordable prices. It’s worth noting, of course, that taking precaution before buying is always a good thing.


Want a product that’s not officially available in the Philippines? Do a quick browse through Galleon, an e-commerce site that’s built its reputation by sourcing imported products and selling them to Filipinos at very reasonable prices.


Takatack is technically a “discovery platform” that helps its users find products that might be perfect for their needs and wants. This effectively makes them product curators that aid users in finding the best deals on bigger marketplaces like their affiliates like Zalora and Galleon.


Goods Philippines is a hyper-competitive online store that unsurprisingly follows Lazada on its tail. The store boasts competitively priced items in the tech, fashion, health, wellness, and lifestyle categories, just like the top dog it’s trying to compete with. Though prices are low, Goods PH promises a completely safe, secure, and easy shopping experience.


Here because endorsed no less by Kris Aquino, Adobomall is a promising newcomer to the e-commerce space. It’s dubbed as the “first online shopping mall” in the Philippines. And though its product-base is sparse right now—Aquino herself talked about it during the online store’s launch—it’s pegged to grow as big as top-players like the ones mentioned on this list.

Widget City

12 Best Online Shopping Sites in the Philippines with Cash-On-Delivery (2018)

Widget City is a staple online shop for techies. Always first on the hottest smartphone, laptop, and other tech releases, Widget City has proven itself to be the go-to tech shop if you want that item that’s simply too hard to find in the mall. It has products from known brands such as Apple, Samsung, DJI, Fujifilm, OnePlus, and more; think of it as an online mall for all things tech.


12 Best Online Shopping Sites in the Philippines with Cash-On-Delivery (2018)

Like Widget City, Kimstore sells a lot of tech. On top of the tech products on offer, Kimstore also lists a lot of accessories like camera bags, earphones, and more. It’s also known for its generous discounts and promos. Their UI is simple and makes for a really smooth shopping experience.

12 Best Online Shopping Sites in the Philippines with Cash-On-Delivery (2018)

Bigmk’s value proposition is that it makes things simple. Consumers want the cheapest, fastest, and easiest shopping experience there is, and they’re here to deliver. As of press time, there are a lot of products listed at crazy low prices, and from known brands too (e.g. Sony, JBL).


12 Best Online Shopping Sites in the Philippines with Cash-On-Delivery (2018)

Althea is more niche than the others on this list. Ask a friend who’s into makeup, skincare, and beauty, and they’ll most likely know of the Korean online store, Althea. Well, Althea has a Philippine site, which allows cash-on-delivery as a payment option—for all your Korean skincare and makeup needs.


12 Best Online Shopping Sites in the Philippines with Cash-On-Delivery (2018)

O.K. So this is a cheat because Shopback is not exactly an online shop. Instead, it’s an aggregator of discount and cashback mileages that apply to COD-available online shops in the Philippines like Lazada, Shoppee, and Zalora. If you want bigger savings, you might want to check out Shopback!

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