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The best offline games you can play on Android (2018)

by | Jun 5, 2018 | Gaming

A lot of Android games will require internet connection for you to enjoy them. For great titles such as “Clash Royale” and “PUBG Mobile”, that’s fine. But for folks playing in the Philippines, the humongous volumes of data games eat up is not unknown.

It’s not surprising therefore that a lot of players are looking for Android games they can play without internet. And that’s exactly what we’re going to list down on this post: the best offline games for Android.

Crossy Road

If you’re familiar with “Frogger”, you’ll catch on Hipster Whale’s phenomenal “Crossy Road” quick. Gameplay is simple but quite challenging: cross the road without getting killed. There’s a host of characters and unlockables to be earned, giving users enough incentive to brave on as casual playing becomes hours after hours of being glued to their phone screens.


The funniest game I’ve played in awhile. This supremely re-playable title is a fun, potentially addictive adventure that drops your character on a perilous planet filled with extraterrestrial knuckleheads, funny banters, and surprisingly deep gameplay. At 6.99 USD, “Crashlands” is a pretty sensible buy, especially with the access to level editor thrown in, allowing you to make your own levels to play in the game.

XCOM: Enemy Within

Worthy of its spot on this list more than its incredible graphics, this tactical strategy game is easy to latch onto, thanks to the progressively deep gameplay. Though not completely “offline”, the game’s offline campaign keeps sufficient amount of gaming to keep players occupied. The game costs 6.99 USD on the Play Store.


Who says you need fancy graphics? “Lifeline”, a game developed by Three Minute Games, is a text-based adventure game situated entirely in a text conversation between the main character and the player. Players will have to guide Taylor, who’s in a uniquely perilous situation after his spacecraft crashed on a certain moon. The result is an incredibly immersive design-your-own story gameplay that’s going to keep you in the game for hours on end.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

In case you missed the memo, “Minecraft” has a mobile game called “Minecraft: Pocket Edition”. It’s basically a stripped down version of its PC counterpart. But don’t let that phrase fool you: after years of development, the mobile game is now very close to the PC game, which allows users to craft in its vast sandbox incredibly detailed structures or defend your turf o’ blocks in survival mode.

Into the Dead

Here’s a terrible idea. Slink yourself in a dark corner, plug in a pair of earphones, and fire up “Into the Dead”, an immersive endless runner set in zombie-infested ruins. Think “Temple Run” but with the “Indiana Jones”-like thrill and wonder switched with genuine Romero-esque fear and terror.

Reigns: Her Majesty

“Reigns: Her Majesty” mirrors the cutthroat-ness of ruling a kingdom. Designed as a Tinder-like experience where users swipe left or swipe right, the game puts its stakes to the table by putting cards that will boost your reign or immediately kill it (or kill you). What’s more, the game is not going to cost you a lot at $2.99 and there are no additional in-app purchases.


If you’ve looked up great mobile games on Google, Limbo probably propped up in the results. It’s a 2D platformer, which has you control a young boy who enters a spooky black-and-white world to find his sister. The platforms themselves are very challenging, the storytelling incredibly immersive. That, alone, is worth the app price, which is a measly $4.99.

Shadowrun Returns

Touted as one if not the best offline RPG in the Android ecosystem, “Shadowrun Returns” is an immediate cyberpunk classic set in a fictitious mesh of Berlin and a distinctly beautiful futuristic city. In this world, orcs, elves, trolls, and humans co-exist; think “Bright” but with an actual story.

Temple Run 2

The granddaddy of infinite runners, Imagi’s supremely playable “Temple Run 2” is no doubt one of the most iconic mobile games in history. It’s already a few years old, but the gameplay hasn’t made itself obsolete—far from it, in fact. With the slight changes introduced, including new maps and unlockables, “Temple Run” is as fun a game as it had been since its first release.

Thimbleweed Park

The most expensive game on this list, at $9.99, is perhaps the best. “Thimbleweed Park” pulsates with Lynchian beats through its murder-mystery story, involving a couple of FBI agents investigating a murder in a very strange town. The game itself is a deftly wrought game with difficult challenges and complex challenges that become harder and harder as the plot thickens. Beware: this game gets very, err, weird?

Asphalt 8: Airborne

If your phone can handle it, try “Asphalt 8: Airborne”. It has got to be the best racing game on Android right now, and that’s thanks mostly to its exhaustively lush graphics and easy but challenging driving controls. If you ever find yourself standing in an unmoving queue, you can easily bust out this free app and rev up for a quick race, which works, impressively, even without internet.

Alto’s Adventure

Finally, there’s “Alto’s Adventure”, a visually enthralling runner that’s won as many awards as there are stan accounts on Twitter. The game, which runs offline, has you guiding a snowboarder glide across alps and mountains. What’s great is that each stage will be different as the maps are procedurally generated, meaning you’ll always play a different level whenever you fire up the game.

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