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The Best Note-taking Apps for Android

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Uncategorized

As a writer, I’m wired to take notes. But even if you’re not writer every day, having a note-taking app in your phone comes in handy. Especially for work. It’s easy to lose track of ideas and projects. And after all, isn’t it according to a popular adage that “if you don’t write it down, it doesn’t exist”?

From O.G. note-taking apps like Evernote to new and more niched entries like Hackpad and Workflowy, we’ve collected only the best Android apps you need to install.


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Evernote is popular for no arbitrary reason. It’s one of the most robust note-taking apps you can find in the market, with more features to spare suited for casual note-taking to project management. Notes can be kept in notebooks and notebooks can be kept in stacks, making organization with Evernote really easy.

Google Keep

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Google Keep is great for people who needs a note-taking solution for functions as simple as listing tasks and reminders. This isn’t exactly ideal if you want to have an archive of notes, but I find that it’s a fast, lightweight, and reliable solution for people who wants to quickly take notes.

Microsoft OneNote

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If your work lives in a Microsoft ecosystem, then OneNote is the obvious choice for you. Most of Evernote’s features are also here, so if you’re using Word or Excel, OneNote makes for a really nice addition to the suite of tools that’s already in your arsenal. OneNote also has about all the features that Evernote has.


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If you’re one for minimalism, Monospace is worth a look. It has really clean themes, perfect for writing and taking notes alike. What’s more, Monospace uses hashtags for folders, making organization integrated to the notes themselves.


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Simplenote’s major sell-point is “distraction-free note-taking”. And one look at its UI, and it becomes easy to see why that’s the case. But don’t be fooled by its name, Simplenote is barely simplistic in functionality. In fact, it offers a host of features including a handy history feature, collaboration tools, and powerful listing capabilities.


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Quip works in a similar manner as OneNote in that it integrates notes with Word documents and spreadsheets. Poised as a content/document creation platform, Quip begins with notes you take and slowly build into exported PDF documents. What’s more, there are a lot of impressive collaboration features, including a team chatbox.


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If you want a simple but powerful outlining tool, Workflowy is a really good solution. As a note-taking tool, it’s as good as the base-standard can get. But where it thrives is its outlining features, which gives each bullet item a separate page. Organization is easy, too, as it uses #hashtags as labels within the outlines themselves.

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