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The Best Free Photo Editing Apps for 2017

The Best Free Photo Editing Apps for 2017

The Best Free Photo Editing Apps for 2017

by | Oct 27, 2017 | Uncategorized

There are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube teaching viewers how to edit their Instagram photos to achieve that flawless feed. Some photo editing tutorials are even marketed towards starting photographers, teaching them the basic tips and tricks on how to adjust your photos to bring out the best in them.

As a photographer myself, I think it’s very important to have the best photo editing apps on hand all the time. I get to edit photos on the go, and right on time for an afternoon article. I also think that despite the hundreds of photo editing apps on the App Store and Play Store, they are essentially just do the same thing. You just have to find one that has the basic features with a UI that is easy to understand and control. I mainly use only 2 photo editing apps for my photos and they’re both free.

Take into consideration your level in photo editing. If you’re a beginner, settle for a simpler app. You don’t have to get that app with the curves and levels right away if you don’t understand them yet. Learn the basics and take off from there! I still have a lot to learn but for now, here are my top 7 best free photo editing apps for the casual photographer on the go.


VSCO may seem overrated but I suggest you jump on that bandwagon right now. VSCO is armed with the basic photo editing features and takes it a step further with beautifully curated filters and split tone options.

I use VSCO for quick edits and if I’m feeling lazy to deal with Lightroom CC Mobile’s many editing options. Sometimes simplicity is key.

Lightroom CC Mobile

The basic Lightroom CC Mobile is just as good as its desktop version. Although they saved the spot corrections for the premium version, generally you can get by with this free version. It took me a while to get used to the Lightroom setup because of how advanced the features look, but after a few tutorials I was using this for almost all my photos already.

I also like how the Lightroom CC Mobile app is equipped with curves and customizable split tone hues unlike the ones in VSCO and Instagram.


In my opinion, the only thing that Snapseed has but Lighroom doesn’t is the artistic filter pane for when you don’t have the time to play with the control sliders to edit your photos. Snapseed is easy to use and has almost the same features as Lightroom, so it’s a great option for new photographers and beginners in photo editing.


Because of my (attempt to make a) carefully curated feed on Instagram, there’s a big need for me to change my photos’ shadows and highlights. Instagram’s ‘Color’ pane allows you to do just that and in the simplest way possible. Just tap on the color you want your shadows or highlights to change into and adjust its strength. This is pretty much where I learned how to split tone for the first time!


For text and other overlays, I use Studio Design.. The Studio app is a free photo editing app that also lets you add a bunch of doodles, frames, and other designs that you can download for free to decorate your photos with. You can also add text using their long list of font options and even adjust its tracking and line spacing.

My favorite part about Studio is that it also functions as a photo framer. So if you want to put a white frame on your photos, just resize the image with a pinch and move accordingly. So if you want to move it to the top to simulate a polaroid, you can do that too. The only downside is that Studio only works with a square canvas. They probably didn’t get the memo that Instagram now supports portrait and landscape photos!


If you’re still a fan of the square image look, get Instasize. This photo editing app is used for adding white frames to those landscape and portrait photos so they end up as squares. Alternatively, you can place square photos on the app and resize them to get that clean white frame look similar to Joan Kim’s previous IG theme. Instasize also gives you the option to jazz up your borders/frames with their downloadable (and free) frame designs.


AnalogShop is a new photo editing app I stumbled upon while browsing through the App Store. The app markets itself as a “warm-light photo editor” with filters that will bring out the best (and the pinks) in your images. Currently, AnalogShop has 12 different filters you can choose from and sliders to adjust your photo’s overall look. I found that AnalogShop is great for those who like pink and pop-of-color Instagram themes!

Photos by Abby (Instagram / Typist Life)

and Snapseed by Armand (Instagram / Typist Tech)

* Top Image Icon made by Smashicons via Flaticon

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