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The Best Analog Photography Apps For Android

by | Nov 8, 2017 | Uncategorized

Authentic film—bookend that with big air quotes—is a style that’s becoming increasingly popular on Instagram. It looks old, and old is in vogue. The style is comprised of a variety of things, of the more popular ones are the distinct “curve” to the photo’s overall look, the accentuated grains, and an audaciously imperfect aesthetic. No wonder plenty of artists and photographers are looking to try and refine this look.

If you’re out to do the same, let us recommend a list of apps we think will help you achieve it. These apps are a mix of free and premium and are all available on Android. For iOS apps, check out Abby’s list here.

Gudak Pro Is Finally On Android

Snapseed, Free

Developed by Google, Snapseed is one of the most powerful photo-editing tools in the Android ecosystem. However, only few know of their Grainy Film filters. These filters are designed to emulate film stock. Users have two controls: 1.) the filter intensity, and 2.) the amount of grain. When used right, the feature makes for some compelling effects.

Afterlight, Freemium

Afterlight offers a host of film effects. The grains, dusts, and scratches all contribute to a “distressed” look that’s quite prevalent among those who try and emulate the film look. Users are also given granular control over the positioning of these overlays and even an “invert” feature for photos that are too bright.

Nebi, Free

This is a simple, lightweight, but powerful photography app. You import a photo, and Nebi proposes a whole spectrum of film effects. At the time of this writing, there are about more than a dozen of them; I’m sure there’d be more in the future.

Feelm, PHP 68.00 per app

Feelm is a suite of filter apps that emulate different looks. Both Feelm Classic and Feelm Polar look the closest to what a Kodak and a Fuji reel might produce, but there are other, hue-intensive variations you can try out if the classic film look isn’t entirely your groove. Two of my favorites are Feelm Snow and Feelm Rosy.


Hypocam is one of the best black-and-white photography apps in the Android ecosystem, way up there with Lenka, the best black-and-white camera app. While not completely free (users are required to make an in-app purchase in order to unlock its full library of filter and effects), the base filters are pretty stellar.

VSCO, Freemium

VSCO is favored by many photographers and artists—for good reason. The app offers a whole suite of photo-editing tools, including one that adds gorgeous film grain to the photos. But doubtless the stars of the show are the app’s filters, which are so good they are being used by professionals as a Lightroom preset as starting point when editing during post-production.

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