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Meet ASUS’ Project Precog: The futuristic dual-screen laptop

by | Jun 6, 2018 | Laptops

Try and disagree: ASUS is on fire right now.

In addition to its fiery lineup of gaming laptops, gaming smartphones, and all-around premium ultrabooks, ASUS has plopped on top of them its creme de la creme surprise, the ASUS Project Precog laptop.

There have been a lot of prototypes that’s been coming up (with some even getting a commercial release), and that’s great. It means brands are innovating. This, though, is a thing of sci-fi movies, enabling users to interact with two independent screens. This opens a lot of opportunity for productivity, because of the wealth of screen real estate made available by an additional screen.

Meet ASUS’ Project Precog: The futuristic dual-screen laptop

Obviously, the laptop is operated through touch, and its keyboard is now digital. Figures, but what’s great is that users can rotate the laptop horizontally, giving them a dual-screen setup which can be paired with an external keyboard. In addition, the Project Precog laptop also has tablet and tent viewing modes, with support for stylus.

Meet ASUS’ Project Precog: The futuristic dual-screen laptop

Inside, the laptop runs with Intel’s new Movidius Myriad 2 visual processing, the first always-on visual processor. This allows the device to determine which screen you’re using as an input device by learning which screen you’re interacting with your fingertips.

Some of the stuff under-the-hood has yet to be unveiled, but we’re pretty certain this is something that not only ASUS but also other manufacturers would like to jump onto. Until then, we can only look forward to a sci-fi chic future.

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