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All the important highlights in Apple’s WWDC 2018 keynote

by | Jun 5, 2018 | Apps

Apple’s annual WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) saw plenty of announcements on the tech giant’s software, chiefly the new iOS, Mac OS, watchOS, and more. If there’s an underlying theme, it’s that improvement is a bigger priority than innovation—which is, of course, always welcome.

On this post, we’ll break down some of the most important WWDC 2018 highlights. Check out The Verge’s supercut here:

iOS will be fast, even on 4-year-old iPhone

iOS 12 is optimized to run fast even on older iPhones. That’s the sweet promise that opens this year’s WWDC. According to Apple’s tests, the iPhone 6, a four-year-old phone, will enjoy a boost in speed and performance after updating to iOS 12.

iOS debuts grouped notifications—finally

A much-awaited feature that Android users have been enjoying for years, grouped notifications is finally being added to iOS’ roster.

Speaking of groups…FaceTime has group video calls now, too!

FaceTime will now be able to run a group video chat among 30 contacts. Now, how the app will fit everyone on screen is still unsure, but from the looks of the demo, FaceTime will be optimizing the screen in such a way that the person speaking will get bigger screen share.

See it in action here:


Better and smarter Animoji + Memoji

OK, so this isn’t really revolutionary, but who doesn’t want a tongue-out ghost emoji? Apparently, with iOS 12, users can finally get one out. The current lineup of Animoji—with the addition of a ghost, koala, tiger, and a T-rex—will be able to emulate winking and tongue-out gestures.

What’s more, there’s a new, more personalized version of Animoji called MeMoji, which gives users the ability to make their own Animoji. Sort of like Samsung’s AR Emoji.

Apple is getting on the AR ship, whaddayaknow?!

Of course, no branded keynote is complete without emphasis on AR features. For Apple, that’s demonstrating their AR capabilities thus far, which includes getting exact measurements of a static object, previewing products in its actual size, and playing legos real time with friends.

Activity Reports will track your app usage and remind you to stop when you’ve reached overkill *wink, wink*

Translation: Google did it, so we will too. First seen on the Android P launch, activity reports will be able to give users granular analytics of how they use their phones, and moreover allow them to impose limits and set reminders.

You can also set limits for app categories like games, for when you’ve been playing “PUBG Mobile” for too long.

The newest Mac OS is going to be called Mac OS Mojave

The new version of the operating system is named after the dessert found in California.

Mac OS Mojave is Apple’s prettiest Mac OS yet, thanks to Dark Mode

Apple users have been waiting for a “Dark Mode” feature to come to Mac OS, and apparently, with the Mojave update, they’ll be getting that soon.

Select iOS apps will be available on Mac OS

A handful of previously iOS-exclusive apps—such as News, Stocks, Voice Memos, and Home—are moving to Mac OS. Uh…finally?

Revamped desktop App Store makes me a happy boiii

Apple is rolling out some cosmetic changes to the desktop App Store, a nook in the OS where, erm, there’s dire need for cosmetic changes. Apps are now easier to find, following the design of the App Store in iOS. Further, staple apps like creative apps and office apps from Adobe and Microsoft will be available to the desktop App Store  too.

There’s a Pride Edition Apple Watch, and we’re literally gagged

Snap at all yo’body curves, henney! This new Pride Edition Apple Watch is one of the better looking designs Apple has ever spawned. Shantay stay forever, please!

Image result for pride edition apple watch band

watchOS is a bit smarter, emphasis on the “bit”

There’s little development on Apple’s watchOS, and it’s crazy to imagine that it’s already in its fifth generation. The grandest update this time around? Well, you can now read full emails and web pages from your watch.

Apple also released a new app called Walkie-Talkie just to be cute

The new WalkieTalkie app is really a glorified watch-calling functionality that works exactly the way you would call someone using your smartphone. If not for Detective Conan roleplay, what’s the use for this? Kidding, it’s actually really cool…for the 80’s? (What is it with my shade today?!)

tvOS will support Dolby Atmos, because it’s right about time

tvOS will finally *eye roll* support Dolby Atmos, which means Apple is recognizing that we’re now consuming some prime content on our TVs, be it movies on Netflix or Apple TV, or video games.

Image result for dolby atmos tvos

Apple doesn’t want you to like Facebook, like, at all

A new feature that’s exclusive to Safari will be available to users who freak out about security. Apple explains that they’ll be blocking third-party comment forms and social media buttons on web pages, knowing for a fact that many of these are designed to track your usage, with behind-the-scenes corporate baddies selling your data unbeknownst to you. A welcome move, to be sure, and I guess it takes one to know one.

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