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Apple wants to retire the lightning port on the iPhone soon

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Smartphones

Per a report from Bloomberg, Apple is considering to remove the lightning port from iPhones. The plan, which follows the removal of the audio jack from their phones, has been in place since iPhone X’s development.

To make way for AirPods, the company’s currently loved wireless ear pods, Apple had to take out the audio jack port from their iPhones. Apple is releasing their first wireless charging mat called AirPower in September, so it makes complete sense to retire the lightning port.

Apple wants to head to a future of truly wireless mobile computing, and with the upcoming release of AirPower, this is looking closer and closer to become our reality.

Few support this. If Apple is thinking pragmatically, they must be bracing for some major backlash, in the same way, fans clapped back hard after they retired the 3.5mm audio port from the iPhones.

We’ll tail this story as it develops.

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