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Anker made two battery packs for Nintendo Switch

by | Jun 11, 2018 | Gaming

There’s no question about it. The new “Pokémon: Let’s Go” games will nudge every 90’s kid just enough to actually finally get the Nintendo Switch come November in time for the games’ release. Which makes the timing for Anker’s new battery packs very suspect.

Per The Verge, Anker announced two new battery packs that are optimized for Nintendo Switch with fast-charging support.

Of course, it’s not like Anker isn’t fulfilling a demand. The Nintendo Switch, while doubtless one of the best consoles Nintendo has ever put out, isn’t that popular in battery performance. The new Anker battery packs promise lengthier gameplay for the Switch, from 10-15 hours of additional gameplay time. If you’re flying overseas, you’ll need not find a nearby socket.

Anker releases Nintendo Switch-optimized battery packs

There are two Anker battery packs for Switch: the PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition, which will retail for USD 70 (Php 3,700+); and the PowerCore 20100 Nintendo Switch Edition, which will retail for USD 90 (Php 4,700+). The battery packs are beefed with 13,400mAh and 20,100mAh, respectively.

Both PowerCore battery packs are available for pre-order over at Anker’s website. They will be officially available come July.

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