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Android Go, explained: Everything You Need To Know About Google’s New Project

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Uncategorized

Google has announced Android Go, a stripped-down version of the Android software designed to work on low-end phones that have 1GB RAM or less. Here’s a quick breakdown of how Google’s exciting new program works.

What is Android Go?

Android Go is a simpler, bared down version of the original Android software. What it does is it strips away all the software’s extraneous features and shrinks the software to work only on its foundational functions.

What are Android Go apps?

In conjunction with the software rehash, Google has also been releasing “Go Edition” apps, including Gmail and YouTube. These apps are similarly small in size and stripped-down to the barest minimum in terms of functionality. In addition, “Go Edition” apps save a whole lot of storage space and data—crucial for people who scant amounts of both.

These apps aren’t however exclusive to Android Go phones as they are available in the Play Store; inversely, Android Go phones aren’t restricted to “Go Edition” apps and can install original version of the respective apps.

Image result for android go apps

What Android Go phones are available right now?

At MWC 2018, Google has announced a list of Android Go phones already available. They are listed below:

Alcatel 1X

Image result for alcatel x1

Nokia 1

Image result for nokia 1

GM 8 Go

Image result for gm 8 go


Image result for lava z50

ZTE Tempo Go

Image result for zte tempo go

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