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AirAsia’s ‘Create Camp’ is a Great Branded Webseries

by | Nov 24, 2017 | Uncategorized

AirAsia may have concluded its “creative” search, “Create Camp”, in November 9th at Green Sun Hotel in Makati (where finalist Paolo Garrido won the title “next AirAsia’s storyteller”), but the webisodes of the series are still available online. For all its awe-inspiring footage of breathtaking sights from the Philippines and the individual stories its aspiring storytellers make, we think you should watch it.

In fact, we’ve embedded all available episodes for you here:

As branded web series go, “Create Camp” makes for a worthwhile watch. But more importantly, the way it aligns with AirAsia’s core values and goals nicely. We’re part of a generation where almost all of us are creators, and to empower that demographic is smart. By launching “Create Camp”, AirAsia is effectively asking its audience to whip out their cameras—be it a phone or an industry-grade DSLR—travel the world, document, and tell wonderful and wanderful stories.

Source: AirAsia

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