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Instagram now lets you add Music to your Instagram Stories

by | Jul 2, 2018 | Apps

A new update finally lets users embed music to Instagram Stories. The new feature rolls out to iOS users in select countries.

This is different from the recently unpacked Spotify integration, which allowed users to share a track from the Spotify app, with the track/album art and a link to play the song. That’s well and good, but up until this announcement, users had no means to play music on their stories, save for third-party editing apps and playing Spotify whilst capturing their Stories.

Adding Music to Instagram Stories now official after new update

The new feature allows users to natively add music to their Stories by swiping left to the Music tab in-between Text and Live. This will bring up a search where you can find a vast library of songs to play. The song will be added to the story you’re about to capture.

Of course, having the 15-second limit, you can only add snippets of the song you’ve chosen; luckily, Instagram gives users the ability to specify which part of the song they’d like to include—a feature that’s still sorely missed when adding videos longer than 15 seconds.

Adding Music to Instagram Stories now official after new update

Music can also be added to stories you upload from your camera roll. Users can pull it up as a sticker in the Stickers Menu. The music art will be added as a sticker to the story so your followers know what you’re listening to.

As mentioned earlier, the feature is now available to iOS users in select countries. We expect it to reach worldwide availability soon, including Android users. We’ll keep you in the loop.

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