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At its core, Typist Tech is about living with technology. Our goal is to help our readers cut through misinformation and see through blinding hype. We achieve this through sharing our unfiltered thoughts and unbiased opinions on products, trends, and culture regarding tech. By writing reviews, guides, and news stories, we hope to Filipinos become more informed and sensible tech users.
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About Typist Tech

Welcome to Typist Tech—the go-to resource for Filipinos wanting to make the most out of their digital lives.

We’ve built this website to empower tech users in the Philippines in making wiser buying decisions, better using their devices, and developing bonds and relationships with fellow tech enthusiasts.

We write tech stories every day, covering: Smartphones, Laptops, Cameras, Apps and software, Social media, Cars, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and more!


Team Typist

Typist Tech is powered by a trio of adorkable, caffeine-boosted twentysomethings that share a chronic passion for singing, dabbing, burping, and of course, technology. Show them love by going through their posts on the blog and following them on their socials.


Editor-at-large, burpist


Editor, doggo lover


Writer, PUBG ninja

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We’re always on the lookout to reach and empower more people. For all sorts of collaboration—sponsorships, brand partnerships, contributor applications, etc.—please send us a message.