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Xiaomi might be riding the in-screen fingerprint wave with the new Mi 8

by | May 21, 2018 | Smartphones

You’re in for a non-surprise: Xioami will be embedding an in-screen fingerprint scanner on its newest flagship, the Xiaomi Mi 8. This bit is not surprising because basically every phone that’s come out in 2018 is all about reducing its bezels to the point of no return. One way of doing that is moving the fingerprint scanner to the back, or for a more extreme (and futuristic) solution, the screen.

And that’s just what Xiaomi might have done, as evidenced by this video posted on the Chinese social network Weibo. Not only does the in-screen sensor work, it also works fast. At least faster than the ones demonstrated on Vivo’s concept phone, the Apex. Additionally, we’re given a tease as to what the new MIUI ROM looks like.

Watch the video below:

The Xiaomi Mi 8 adds to the growing list of smartphones that have an in-screen fingerprint sensor. Right now, there’s  Vivo VX20 Plus UD and the Huawei Mate RS (Porsche), which are slated for release this year as well. Samsung and Apple are reported to follow suit on their upcoming posts.

The Mi 8 is also rumored to have heavyweight specs, including its Snapdragon 845 processor, up to 6GB of RAM, up to 128GB of internal storage, and a hefty 4,000mAh battery. The phone will also make use of a 3D facial recognition tech, like the one seen on Apple’s iPhone X.

Xiaomi will release the Mi 8 on May 30, 2018.

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