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What’s New with the 2018 Isuzu mu-X Euro 4 with Blue Power Diesel Engine?

by | Feb 21, 2018 | Cars

The 2018 Isuzu mu-X LS-A 3.0 4x2 A/T boasts a new Euro 4 Blue Power Diesel engine. That means you get low emission, a cleaner engine, and a better drive. Its changes from the mu-X models are apparent, these being the new LED daytime running lights, new wheels, and some ‘disco lights,’ as we would like to call them, just to name a few.

Low emission, cleaner engine, but still better drive

The European emission standards regulate the amount of harmful chemicals emitted by motor vehicles, these being a mix of Carbon Monoxide and many other potentially poisonous chemicals. The ratings range from Euro 1 to 6, with Euro 1 being the lowest.

Euro 4 meets the current standards in the Philippines from the Clean Air Act, while the Euro 5 to 6 ratings are reserved for smaller and lighter vehicles. Isuzu’s Euro 4 Blue Power Diesel engine greatly contributes to a cleaner more breathable air outside while also giving you a better drive.

The Blue Power engine even makes the mu-X a powerhouse.

You get to drive faster easier, great for out-of-town trips, plus faster acceleration. The Blue Power Diesel Engine promises four things – maximum engine output, the lowest emissions, best fuel economy, and engine durability. Off-road doesn’t feel off-road with the new mu-X.

The new engine and with the help of the mu- X’s superb suspension, you’ll enjoy smoother drives despite off-road conditions and other road inconsistencies like it’s no big deal.

If you’re coming from a sedan, you will notice that the Isuzu mu-X has that truck-like engine start. That’s something you get in most diesel-powered engines. It’s not obtrusive at all and it’ significantly quieter than its previous models.

You’re barely going to notice it anyway, or any vibrations whatsoever, while you drive the new Isuzu 2018 mu-X.

Besides, Isuzu stays true to its title as the “King of Diesel,” a brand that has always been known to manufacture diesel engine vehicles from Light-Commercial-Vehicles (Isuzu D-MAX, and Isuzu mu-X) to Commercial Vehicles (Isuzu N-Series, Isuzu F-Series, Isuzu C&E Series).

Apparent physical changes 

The mu-X looks huge, and it might just be because of the new 18-inch alloy wheels and raised height of the whole unit. However, when you step inside, it’s not that intimidating and it will almost feel like you’re just driving a regular sedan.

For a smaller driver like me, I was surprised that I could reach everything and not feel cramped in the driver’s seat. On maneuvering, it can get a little heavy especially when you’re in low speeds like when turning or parking. So better to stay in that lane while you’re stuck in traffic.

The inside of the vehicle looks better now too, with piano black accents and the mix of faux and genuine leather all around. The Isuzu 2018 mu-X also features a new 8-inch colored LED touchscreen display up front with a pretty cool navigation system.

To complement this, there’s a pull-down display on the second row for that long drive movie watching enjoyment.

You will also notice that the new Isuzu mu-X headlights come equipped with LED daytime running lights and LED strips on its tail lights too. Inside the car are what we call ‘disco lights’ – strips of blue LED lights for interior ambient lighting that honestly looks super nice at night.

As part of Isuzu’s 20th anniversary, the mu-X also comes with a commemorative blue badge on the tailgate.

Pricing and Details 

The 2018 Isuzu mu-X Euro 4 with Blue Power Diesel Engine is currently priced at P1,845,000 and comes in five different colors – Havana Brown, Cosmic Black, Obsidian Grey, Titanium Silver, and the Silky Pearl White (for another P10,000).


1,845,000 (from Isuzu Philippines website)


Isuzu mu-X LS-A AT 3.0 4x2 Blue Power

Engine Model


Engine Type

4-cylinder in-line Blue Power Diesel Engine with Turbo Intercooler

Max Power

177 PS (130 kw)

Max Torque

380 N-m (38.7 kg-m)


6 Speed Automatic Transmission with Sequential Shift


Bi-LED Projector Headlamp with Integrated Day Time Running Lamps and Auto Headlamp Levelling

Audio system

8-inch touchscreen display / CD / VCD / DVD / Tuner / Aux-in / USB / MP3 compatible /

Bluetooth & iPod connectivity / TPMS-ready / USB Link / Wifi Display

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