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Look at that, Vine Might Actually Be Coming Back!

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Apps, Smartphones, Social Media

Vine CEO Dom Hoffman hopes to bring back the social media app, Vine. For now, there’s no release or launch date and he’s calling it, aptly, Vine 2.

All this started, ironically, on Twitter—the corporate biggie that bought and eventually dissolved Hoffman’s wide-eyed startup that became a platform for pint-sized, 7-second clips and mass producer of viral trends—where he tweeted:

Obviously, this is all pretty exciting. Vine has been ingrained in the mass consciousness, thanks to legitimately funny vines such as this “Y.M.C.A.” turnt sesh, this mind-bogglingly stupid PSA about choking, and this cute little prank involving croissant. Of course, you can’t not ignore the cancer (ahem, Logan Paul), but mostly, Vine was a shortform video platform where out-of-context madness and hilarity thrived.

Vines That Will Butter Up Your Flaky, Salty Existence

One area where it didn’t, though, is monetization. Twitter tried to keep the platform afloat but gave up in 2016. That checks out, being that Twitter itself seems unsure how to monetize its own platform.

Everyone seems hopeful about this rebirth, though. Slate’s April Glaser says: “Since Vine’s appeal was its looped videos—which meant before you knew it you’d find yourself watching the same hilarious clip 10 times—pre- or post-roll ads definitely won’t work. But they could go in the main or discovery feeds of a resuscitated Vine, with ads placed between photos of users you follow or are searching for.

That can work, theoretically, but seeing that Hoffman has learned things the hard way, and that he sounds pretty enthusiastic and driven about the re-do, it’s safe to assume that he has something cooking. For now, Hoffman is drumming up creators and viewers to build a hyper-interactive community where they can all design the Vine they want, without big corporate decisions and hopefully with sharper teeth against content that promote white nationalism, sexism, or bigotry.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited about Vine’s return?

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