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Vaporwave Wallpapers: Pimp Your Phone Purple and Pink

by | Oct 16, 2017 | Smartphones

Personalizing an Android phone is a seemingly endless road. Users are privileged with an infinite number of ways with which to change the look and feel of their phones. Among those are wallpaper apps, which come in various forms and sizes. We’ve listed a bunch of what we think are the best ones in a previous post, but on this one, we’ll take a close look at a new wallpaper app called Vaporwave Wallpapers.

The app is obviously inspired by vaporwave, a genre in music that emerged in the early 2010 indie dance music. The visual motif most usually associated with the genre is 2000’s web design, obsolete machinery, glitch art, and Renaissance sculptures. An odd mix, indeed, but it stuck, hence the birth of the “vaporwave aesthetic”.

The app is loaded with hundreds of beautifully designed wallpapers. These all come from a small, tight-knit community that the app developers, dubbed M.A.A. For Apps, has cultivated. The wallpapers are distinctly flashy with their purple-and-pink fusion of obsolete technology and enduring classical art.

Check out some of my favorites from their collection.

The app also runs on an interesting interface that’s redolent to 2000’s Mac and Windows UI. As you scroll through the wallpapers, this song plays, the song that perfectly blended the vaporwave music and aesthetic and helped usher it to the mainstream.

Vaporwave Wallpapers is available on the Google Play Store.

Go tell your friends. Live the aesthetic life!

Source: M.A.A. For Apps

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