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We Know The Reason Why It’s Been Hard To Book An Uber Lately

by | Dec 10, 2017 | Apps, Cars

If you use Uber, the recent issue of booking cars isn’t unknown to you. What used to be three to five-minute waiting times recently bloated to a whopping twenty-minute wait time. Also, there’s the issue of more frequent and more intensive price surges. That’s far from Uber’s promise of fast, efficient, and convenient riding. What’s more frustrating, users have been calling Uber out regarding an issue where the app indicates a driver is nearby but get assigned an Uber who’s far away.

Why is it? What’s going on? I think we might have an answer for you. Somewhat.

In a recent blog post, Uber explained that the demand for rides is simply too high. “We unfortunately don’t always have enough driver-partners to serve all riders who are requesting for Ubers in a specific area.” This could stem from a number of things, most chiefly the hit they took from that LTFRB debacle. There are fewer drivers now than before that chestnut burst, and it will understandably take a while before numbers turn again in Uber’s favor. Also, there’s always the Yuletide season to blame; everyone’s out and about, busy with Christmas errands.

Of the issue of booking drivers far from the pick-up location, Uber explains that things are tough, yes, but users can “rest assured that you are matched to the nearest available driver who accepts your request, which can sometimes take a bit longer than expected.”

Take them or leave them, these are Uber’s answers to the question posed. But more important: solutions. Are there steps Uber is taking to alleviate the situation? Yes, there are, but I wonder if they’re enough.

In the same blog post, Uber proposed two solutions, they are:

  • Launching Pool Flat Fares in BGC, Makati, QC, and Ortigas. “If we get more people into fewer cars, there will be more Ubers available for everyone to enjoy. To help with this, riders can enjoy flat fares on uberPOOL starting at ₱99. This is available until December 22 during rush hours in the CBD areas (Monday-Friday, 6-9am and 5-9pm from specific pickup points and destinations between Makati, BGC, Ortigas, or QC).”
  • Introducing the Multiple Destinations Rider App feature. “With this new feature, you can share a ride with your friends since you can pick them up or drop them off along the way – and even use our Split Fare feature to share the cost! Don’t worry, your driver will be compensated by the time and distance of the entire trip.”

What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the comments!

Source: Uber Philippines

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