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7 Great Features Twitter Should Tweak or Add

by | Dec 28, 2017 | Apps, Laptops, Smartphones, Social Media

Twitter is an island of collective misery. It’s where all the misfit band, troll, and tear one another all on the same day. It’s a special place, but definitely far from an easy experience.

The good thing: Twitter has been slowly rolling out updates that make the platform better. The character limit, for instance, has finally been expanded to 280 from the original 140. The UI, also, finally looks cohesive, what with the rounded elements and bold typography. Following these major changes, Twitter can still find improvement by tweaking features which we list in this post.

7 Great Features Twitter Should Tweak Or Add

Ability to natively access multiple accounts (for Web)

Twitter for Web, at the moment, doesn’t give its users the ability to natively switch across multiple accounts like one can in the native mobile app. Though there’s an easy fix to this (ahem, Tweetdeck!), this feature on the native Twitter webapp is long overdue.

Native scheduling features

The native mobile and webapp lack scheduling capabilities, something that Facebook users have been enjoying for quite a while now. This issue is especially grave for mobile users who have no means of scheduling tweets except via third-party applications such as Buffer, Hootsuite, and Crowdfire.

Additional options for polls

This is a no-brainer. One should be given the chance to ask his/her people about which among Snow White’s seven dwarfs speak to them the most. Four options for polling is not enough.

More granular control for privacy

As far as privacy is concerned, Twitter doesn’t give you a whole lot of options. Either you set your profile to public or private, and both come with their respective pros and cons. For example, when setting your profile to private, you almost banish yourself from the whole “tribe” of public profiles. A more specific scenario would be when private profiles are virtually impossible to tag in photos. It’s annoying both to the private profile being tagged and the person doing the tagging. Ugh.

Better UI for Twitter Lists

I use Twitter Lists a lot. Whether it’s prospecting for my freelance work, or just scouting for trends and news items, I find Twitter Lists very helpful. But Lists have ways away to go: it’d be perfect if lists are sortable and can be manually arranged or if they are considered by Twitter more as a “community building” type of tool instead of just another, invisible, out-of-reach timeline.

Improved Direct Messaging

Let’s not kid ourselves here. Twitter doesn’t have the best direct messaging features. The extent of what people can do is private message a specific person or a group of persons. That’s all well and good, but then again, where are the options for renaming group chats?

Ability to edit tweets

Yep, I said it. In fact, it’s not just me. Apparently, a lot of people really want it, including Kim Kardashian, who got a reply from Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey that the company, in fact, is working on one.

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