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Want To Post 280-Character Tweets? Here’s How.

Want To Post 280-Character Tweets? Here’s How.

Twitter is currently testing an update which expands tweets’ character limit to 280 instead of 140. The feature has already rolled out to a “small group” of people, and obviously, everyone wants to tweet like Twitter’s CEO does. I’m no exception, apparently:

However, some Twitter users managed to find a legitimate workaround via Tweetdeck. And it’s stupidly simple—here’s how.

Launch Chrome and load up Tweetdeck. If you’re on Mac, head onto View, hover over the Developer menu, and select Developer Tools. If you’re on Windows, right-click anywhere on the window and click Inspect.

This should toggle the Developer Console. Once you’re in, find Sources and click on the double-arrow below to access Snippets.

Once you open Snippets, click the ‘New Snippet’ button and copy/paste the following code in the empty window on the right.

Click the Play button to run the snippet. Click the “New Tweet” button and craft the perfect 280-character tweet. Like this:

Twitter has yet to make any announcement as to when the feature will become available to everyone on all platforms (natively), but stay put because we’ll update you. Pinky swear!

(Update: There’s an even easier way of doing this. Developer Juliette Pretot created a site where you can find a Tweetdeck link that comes baked with the 280-character tweet functionality. Check it out here.)

*Screenshots from The Next Web.

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