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Viral Political Game “Thoughts & Prayers” Is Impossible To Beat

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Gaming

In their sarcastic new viral game, “Thoughts & Prayers”, thinking and praying are both equally fatal. The gameplay is simple and straightforward: you choose between thinking and praying. The blue pill or the red pill. Simple, right?

But here’s the (morbidly) fun part.

The game sets itself across America, where gun violence is especially violent. There had been 307 mass shootings across the country in 2017 alone. The cruel punchline of “Thoughts & Prayers” is that it’s one of those games that have no point to them. The point is the joke.

Click here to play “Thoughts & Prayers”.

Play the “Thoughts & Prayers” Game: Where Thinking and Praying Are Useless

Sarcastically (and perhaps angrily), what the game is trying to say is that “thoughts and prayers”—the go to nicety that apathetic people say to victims of gun violence—do absolutely nothing. Change, if at all, should grow outward, not inward.

That, of course, is the core of GOP Arcade’s satiric flash games. Their games are downright hilarious, but also speak about America’s current issues. Classic GOP Arcade titles include “Trump’s Pussy Grabber”, “Bomb the Right Place”, and the New York Times-commissioned “The Voter Suppression Trail”.

Here’s a little gameplay video from YouTuber, Gulag+:

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