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10 Things You Can Get Instead of an iPhone X

10 Things You Can Get Instead of an iPhone X

The iPhone X has yet to arrive in the Philippines but everyone already knows it’s as expensive as someone’s kidney. The 5.8 inch all-screen iPhone boasts a Super Retina display and that Face ID technology that gives life to emojis. Tempting, sure, but the iPhone X is priced at $999 which is roughly P50,874 based on today’s exchange rate.

I wonder how many chicken nuggets you can buy for a little less than P51,000. We went around the internet for the most reliable sources of prices and we found out we can get a bunch of chicken nuggets for P50k. Yep, priorities.

1. 3,083 chicken nuggets. That’s how many.

2. 33 packs of whole blood

According to the Department of Health, the maximum price of a pack of whole blood should be P1,500. Whole blood can be separated into the blood’s main components (red blood sells, platelets, and plasma) and are sold for P700 a pack.

3. 643 ChickenJoy Value Meals

Let’s go back to food. For the price of one iPhone X, you can get this many ChickenJoy value meals usually priced at P79 each. This even comes with a regular drink.

4. 33 Units at the University of the Philippines Diliman

From UP Diliman’s Student Fees page, the average price of a unit is P1,500. Depending on your course, you can enjoy a semester and a half in the university for the price of one phone.

5. 3 Roundtrip Flights from Manila to Tokyo

While $999 can only give you 1 one-way ticket from Manila to Los Angeles, regular Manila to Tokyo flights cost only a little over $200. Yep, with baggage.

6. 1 Human Kidney

The average human kidney is sold at $50,000. However, illegal operations like organ trafficking can actually sell your kidney for as low as $1000. Yikes.

7. 3 Labrador Retrievers

From a few breeder acquaintances, a labrador retriever puppy with papers and shots can be priced at P14,500 at the cheapest. Though some breeders charge as high as P50,000, with the cheapest rate you can get 3 puppies instead of the iPhone X. PUPPIES EVERYWHERE

8. 1,816 MRT Trips from North Ave to Taft

One trip from the North Ave. station of the MRT to Taft Ave. is P28. At that rate, you can enjoy over 1,800 trips one-way or 908 roundtrips.

9. 26 General Admission tickets to Ed Sheeran

If you’re thinking about going to Ed Sheeran’s concert, a General Admission ticket is at P1,950 and 26 of them is P100 cheaper than the approximate cost of the iPhone X. If Patron A is for you, at P13,040 you can buy three of those tickets.


10. 36,721 ChocNut Peanut Milk Chocolate pieces

ChocNut na lang.


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