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‘Super Mario Run’ Drops Price to $5

‘Super Mario Run’ Drops Price to $5

When it first opened in December 2016, Super Mario Run opened to praises from game pundits and critics. The game manages to pack all the elements that made Super Mario such an iconic platformer in a hectic but ultimately engaging endless runner.

This would be consistent with your experience playing the game—if you could afford it.

The game is listed as “free” on the App Store and Play Store, but to unlock the full game you have to set yourself back a $9.99 premium. Before you could turn away, however, Nintendo wants to get hold of your attention. The game has dropped its price by half, making it available in full for just $5. What’s more, the game debuts a new map called Remix 10, which consists of randomly generated areas and mini maps. You can collect a new in-game currency called Rainbow Coins, which you can use to buy a variety of items. Once you finish all these new areas, you’ll be able to unlock Princess Daisy and use her as your character.

Here’s a quick explainer from Nintendo.

That’s what’s up with Supar Mario Run. Are these enough for you to pull out your wallet and finally buy the game?

Decide fast: the price drop only takes effect until October 12th.

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