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‘Stranger Things’ Posters Inspired By Iconic 80’s Horror Movies

‘Stranger Things’ Posters Inspired By Iconic 80’s Horror Movies

Stranger Things is back for Season Two. This can’t slip your mind even if you tried. Netflix has been hard at work teasing us the sophomore season of the ‘80s set series, which centers around a quartet of young boys plagued by monsters from beyond our own dimension. Over the course of months, Netflix has gifted us with a whole pile of posters inspired by some of the most iconic horror movies in history.

We compiled them into a list because we love you. And also, because it’s the first day of October. 🎃

Stranger Things x A Nightmare On Elm Street

Stranger Things x The Evil Dead

Stranger Things x The Running Man

Stranger Things x Firestarter

Stranger Things x Alien

Stranger Things x Jaws

Stranger Things x Stand By Me

Stranger Things x The Goonies

Here are more posters we found after scouring Twitter…

Created by The Duffer Brothers, Stranger Things is set for a Netflix release on October 27th. Here’s a quick overview of everything we know about it so far, plus the trailer:

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