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Nintendo Flash Games Restored And Brought Back From The Bowels of the Internet

by | Nov 6, 2017 | Gaming

We have a bona fide Internet Hero in our midst. Modder and Nintendo enthusiast by the name of Skelux has made it his mission to restore and collect forgotten Nintendo flash games, including Metroid Prime and Lugii’s Mansion.

These games were crucial in helping the company develop such a devoted fanbase online; they were small, compact games gestured to Nintendo enthusiasts as that extra-mile effort that kept its players at the boom of the internet. However, given the ephemeral nature of the Flash software, many of Nintendo’s flash games vanished without a trace, disappearing out to the internet void if they weren’t collecting dust in old gaming forums.

Lucky for us, Skelux decided to gather every Nintendo flash game since 1999 to 2010. According to the above video, Skelux managed to restore the games by combing through archives such as Wayward Machine and piecing together files and making them work.

So far, Skelux has had decent success. His website, Origami64 (at the time of this writing) houses 48 companion titles, some of them fully functioning mini-games like Metroid Prime, but many are still incomplete. Skelux is offering a $50 premium to anyone who can point him to missing game files.

If he’s successful, he’d be restoring a part of a decades’ worth of Nintendo’s gaming history. The Typist Crew is rooting for this guy. Which is why we’re pimping his Patreon, too. If you believe in his work, consider being a Patron!

Source: Motherboard (VICE)

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