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Ring of Elysium is the superior PUBG ripoff you haven’t played yet

by | May 23, 2018 | Gaming

Want a PUBG alternative? rap in for a ride.

Tencent’s “Ring of Elysium”, an obvious ripoff of PUBG and in its own right a worthy contender in the Battle Royale genre, is currently in early access for everyone to download. The game, however, only has Asian servers (for now), which means great news for us here in the Philippines but not so much to our Westerly friends, who will have to make do on the speeds their proximity can leech off of the available servers.

But before we dive in on how to download the game, let’s take a look at why games are keeping gamers abuzz.

Ring of Elysium: How to Download the Best PUBG Alternative Yet

Firstly, it’s developed by Tencent, the game development company behind PUBG Mobile. Second, it delivers a much smoother, more in-depth gameplay than PUBG champions will care to admit. The game, which similarly pits 100 players against each other in a last-man-standing-wins deathmatch, also has a wider variety of weapons.

If you want to try out the game for yourself, find our tutorial on how to download “Ring of Elysium” below.

How to download “Ring of Elysium” on PC

To download “Ring of Elysium”, you will first need to download and install Garena, which is its own Steam-like game launcher. Garena is free, and you can download it by following this link. Once you have everything set up, you should be greeted by a screen that very much looks like this:

From there it’s just a matter of hitting the game title and following the download/install instructions dictated by Garena’s UI.

And that’s it! You’re pretty much set to play. Except the game is in its native Thai language, and for non-Thai speakers, that’s a stretch.

To change the game’s language from Thai to English, you will need the aid of a program called Process Hacker, a piece of software that effectively alters some aspects of a program or a game, including language (if other language packs are available). You can download Process Hacker here.

How to change the language of “Ring of Elysium” to English

Follow the steps we’ve laid out for you below.

  1. Boot up “Rings of Elysium”
  2. Bounce out of the game’s window and launch Process Hacker.
  3. In the main menu, find “Europa_Client.exe”. Right-click and hit “Properties”.
  4. Under the “General” tab, find “Process”. Copy the piece of code next to it.
  5. Paste the code into your syntax word processor of choice—Notepad will work just fine—and replace the strip of code “language=th” to “language=en”.
  6. Save it as a batch file (.bat) with a recognizable file name at an easy-to-spot location in your PC.

That’s it! When you want to play “Rings of Elysium”, simply open this file and you’ll be able to play the game in English. It’s worth noting that a few of the game’s translations to English are kind of hokey at the moment, and if you’re playing from outside of Asia, server speeds might not be on tip-top shape. Still, the game is still supremely playable with no major setbacks to deter my recommendation.

Have at it, play the game, and let us know what you think!

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