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Reddit Updated Its Mobile Apps For You Spoiler-Wading Lot

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Social Media

Reddit has finally updated its Android and iOS apps, bringing plenty of beloved site features to mobile, including theater mode and live commenting. Here’s a lowdown on everything new to the mobile apps.

Live comments and a chat feature, now on iOS

iOS users are now able to take advantage of Reddit’s live-commenting system, plus a chat feature that allows Redditors to engage in real-time messaging with one another.

“Speed read” button is live now on Android

Android users get a previously iOS-exclusive perk: the Speed read button, “which allows users to move quickly between the top-level comments in any given discussion on the site.”

Theater mode, Cake Day icons, trophy case, and more are now on mobile

Mobile Redditors, regardless of platform, will be able to enjoy a host of new features, like: Theater mode, which allows users to peruse visual content like photos, GIFs, and videos; Cake Day icons, which indicates a Redditor’s anniversary; a nifty trophy case; a more seamless post flair functionality; and support for an in-feed OP indicator called “creddit”. Fun.

Mod tools are now available both to iOS and Android users

In addition to the mentioned above, tools for Reddit moderators have also gone mobile. Moderators can now switch modes from one for traditional users and the other for moderators. Modmail and Mod management are also easier now in mobile thanks to the big update. And finally, Mod Queue has been debuted on mobile to give mods access to key bulk actions.

There’s more where these came from

These updates stem from Reddit’s ongoing efforts to make their platform better. The company has been hard at work tweaking their main site, so it makes great sense that Reddit is also stuffing their mobile apps features Redditors love.

Source: Reddit Blog

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